Customer Care

Quality & Safety Commitment

As a result of recent state and Federal legislative activity focused on children’s products, we believe we should again document our product quality and safety commitment.

We want to assure all of our retail customers, as well as the consumers that use our products, that we design and manufacture products to meet or exceed all applicable U.S. government and state safety regulations, as well as applicable U.S. “voluntary” standards and international safety regulations and standards.

These safety regulations in the U.S. include the Consumer Products Safety Act and the Federal Hazardous Substances Act which specify safety requirements for consumer products, especially those used by children. Also included is the new Federal law known as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act just recently signed into law in August, 2008. This Act has a number of updated safety requirements that will be implemented immediately and also over the next several years.

Other industry standards include the ASTM toy safety standard F963 which specifies additional safety requirements for toy products for children. Soon this standard will become mandated by U.S. Federal law. Other ASTM standards apply in the U.S. to certain products (such as ASTM F404 for high chairs), and a number of international standards apply to our product in Canada, Europe and other regions.

Included in these standards are requirements and restrictions such as those for lead and other heavy metals in surface decorations and materials, the use of plastics that do not contain certain phthalates, and requirements for product design and construction to prevent safety hazards during use of the products.

These regulations and standards typically utilize scientifically based research and factual test results to develop the safety requirements that will prevent harmful materials and products from being used by consumers and children.

During product development and throughout the manufacturing process, we continually test our products for compliance with these regulations and standards, utilizing both our internal testing resources as well as independent testing laboratories.

We take very seriously our responsibility and our commitment to protect children from harm when using or playing with our products.

Recycling Logo

Recycling Statement

Boon uses generally accepted plastic recycling symbols on all applicable products whenever possible. Some product sizes and shapes may at times prevent their use.

These symbols are meant to be used for RECYCLING purposes ONLY to allow for the separation of certain plastics into homogeneous categories to be recycled. These symbols are NOT meant to represent any other information such as the detailed chemical contents of the product or whether or not the product contains any amount of a particular ingredient. They should not be used to assess the safety of the product they are on.

Revised September 2008