Potty Bench

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a free standing potty or does it go on the toilet?

The Potty Bench is a freestanding potty which does not attach to the regular toilet.

How do I open and close the side storage compartments?

When the Potty Bench lid is down, the side storage compartments are locked in the closed position. You must first lift the lid before opening the side storage compartments. In order to close the side storage compartments, first open the lid, then roll the side compartment doors closed and close the lid again. This will lock the side storage compartments in the closed position.

How much weight can the bench hold?

The bench is designed to hold up to 300 lbs. Before closing the lid to use as a bench or stool, close both side storage compartments and make sure that the potty seat is in place.

I have lost my splash guard. Can I get a replacement?

Yes, replacement splash guards are available on our site.

I am worried about putting toilet paper in the reach of my child. She likes to watch it spin off the roll.

The toilet paper roll holder is designed to drag on the bottom of the drawer to keep children from spinning the roll. It continues to drop lower in the drawer as the roll gets smaller.

Do I have to remove the deflector after my child uses the toilet?

No. You do not need to remove the deflector to either remove and empty the drawer or to close the lid down onto the seat. The deflector will flex out of the way. However, when you replace the drawer, be sure to push the deflector down before pushing in the drawer.

Can I use disinfectants on the potty parts?

Absolutely! Any household disinfectant can be used on all of the potty parts.

When the lid is open, can it be used as a backrest?

No, the open lid should never be used as a backrest.